Creative? Want to help with our Sunday Productions?
We have lots of areas for you to serve!
Volunteer to help run cameras or to help with the video switching devices. 
Or help with short form video content.
Someone who is skilled in photography and seeing what artistic and creative shots are needed for social media. 
Social Media Specialist
Someone who is willing to post, create, film, photograph, or schedule regular content on social media. 
Podcast Coordinator

Someone who Organizes and focuses long and short form podcasting to advance the mission of the church.

Spanish Translator
Someone who is fluent in Spanish and is willing to help translate, dictate, dub, and more to our spanish speaking audiences around the world. 
Sermon Sherpa
Someone who will transport the sermon from the Brooklyn Campus to Jackson Campus on Sunday Mornings between services
Display Tech

Organize, and adjust our display options in-service to provide our guests with the best experience. 

Sound Tech

Listen to our audio production, make adjustments to the sound board and troubleshoot basic sound problems.

LiveStream Tech
Watch, and adjust live stream to ensure quality for our online stream. 
Light Tech
Make adjustment to lighting and program lights for Sunday Production
Announcements and Offering
Someone who is willing to make lively announcements from stage, and call for offering and understands why tithing is important. 

Interested in Creative Arts and Production?

Tell us where to plug you in!

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